What does it mean to be a teacher?!

Sometime earlier, I got to participate in this wonderful competition that asked us to write about “what does it mean to be a teacher”. The compositon had to be exactly 100 words; no more no less!

It was organized by the British Counsel (ELTPN) here in Oman. I found the idea very intruigiung and worth trying,  so I decided to jump in!

Although I haven’t got the prize, but I think that I came up with something worth sharing with you. So here you go, this is my entry; unabridged ofcourse 🙂 :

In the classroom, looking at the young, aspiring, and motivated young lot of tomorrow, is where teachers ultimately know how much they’re worth, to the whole world. Teaching is one of those jobs that you believe would, cosmologically, affect the globe somehow; even though you’re not quite sure how. It’s that deep hidden impact that no one can deny. Interestingly, teachers “learn” from what they teach; and they mostly achieve that through their students. Above all, teachers are not merely educators, or enthusiastic passers of knowledge. They are, in fact, mind-healers, emotional fixers, morality-protectors, life-changers, and they are, unmistakably, generation-raisers!

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “What does it mean to be a teacher?!

  1. Oh! Mr.Mahmoud. To be a teacher is to be a million things in one, if not more. (better than shampoo, two in one;) ) Well, what comes into my mind now is to be a teacher is to be a learner,too. It is the key to always being a great teacher. Keep learning from your students in the first place to sharpen your teaching strategies and methods. Listen to books and litrature but more to the voices of your students. They can teach you how to be inspiring, aspiring, influential, dynamic, etc… Teaching and learning are two wheels of a bicycle, one can’t work without the other!!! I love learning coz then I will be able to teach.

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