Car accidents and human emotions

It always gets into me to see the increasing number of accidents in this country (and through out the world, in fact) and it’s really sad to know of the frightening number of deaths that accompany that.
Nevertheless, While I was driving my own daily commuting from work, I began to think over the relationship between car accidents and the emotional interactions of people.. And I don’t mean the emotions that they go through while driving; but the similarity of emotional interactions to car accidents..
These two worlds are, by nature, far apart, but there are some similarities in the nature of interaction within each one..

For example:
1. Violation of a rule:
It is said, that it requires at least one violation of traffic rules for an accident to occur; yes, it’s that serious.. Humans, on the other side, can be heart-broken for at least one word that comes out (either intended or not) of a person that leads to separation or quarrel.
2. A touch:
A mere touch of a car is actually an accident; but “talking it over” can sort-out the issue and both parties don’t need to settle out the matter at a police station!
The same happens when people talk their problems over, they tend to forgive each other; especially when it’s not a serious issue.. And it depends on personalities (structure and complexity) as a matter of fact
3. Over-confidence:
This is one of the car-accident causers. Because of this trait, people make accidents recklessly (or dare I say stupidly), because of their over-confidence. They are “surprised” that they made accidents. These types of accidents can cause a lot of casualties and losses, due to the false pride that these confident drivers fantastically acquired. This includes fast driving, thoughtless turns, ignorance of some traffic rules and so on..
The same happens with emotionally-confident people, they tend to be rigorous and reckless with people’s hearts and emotions, but there is that awkward moment when they fall for their own felony and it could render catastrophic!
4. Lack of experience:
Less experienced drivers can cause accidents when put into a challenge. Or, simply ignorance of some rules might lead to an accident. Human interactions are intricate, sometimes falling out because, simply, a person could not handle a “situation” properly which leads to an “emotional clash/accident”; where people are misunderstood because they couldn’t handle the situation properly because of being merely inexperienced emotionally.
5. The need for a touch!
A touch of two cars is actually an accident; when humans quarrel; people tend to describe this quarrel as “they had a touch”. Despite this fact, cars are not meant to be touching each other, because it destroys them. So the more far they are, the better. Humans on the other hand, has to exercise touching; this includes hand shaking, hugging, or simply petting on somebody’s back. This gives an emotional push, and a comfortable feeling that people need from time to time.

Having gone through these assumptions, it’s clear that the more we understand these points, the more we are aware that these accidents are, somehow, emotionally relative. A relaxed driver, for instance, isn’t going to driving like a pissed-off, confused, heart-broken, or a dumbed fellow!

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