To Mr. Worthless, Lousy Teacher

Date: D+/D-/FF
Address: School Haters street, XX
To: Mr. Lousy, Lousy Teacher

Subject: 7 deadly techniques to make students hate schools and learning

Dear Lousy Teacher,
A lot of parents, as well as schools, really complain about their children, or students, increasingly lacking interest in attending schools and classes for that matter. Surprising enough, if you’re also on the go to achieve similar mischievous goals, such as making the students’ life really “unbearable” at schools and classes. Then these steps will suit you best!
Here is what you can do (and believe me, they work) to make that dream come true.

1. Get under their skins:
Well, nothing intimidates and downgrades a student’s self esteem as when the teacher disqualifies the “human” aspect of a student. Ignoring them, looking down on them, shouting directly and rudely, will actually do the trick!

2. Despise the students!
Some students usually find schools as a sanctuary away from home problems and personal issues, and the atmosphere at schools, more or less, could help in relieving them from out-of-school stress. You could only imagine how it would be like for a student to be hated, beaten, shouted at, at home, and then come to school only to find that the teachers holds nothing but pure, raw, unfiltered hatred against them. It would just make them sink into a pool of depression! (Hurray!)

3. Humiliate students and embarrass them in the class:
What some of our dear colleagues seem to overlook is their students’ sense of self and attitude of people around them, and how that might have a devastating effect on them. Humiliation and direct embarrassment does exactly the benefit of lowering both the student’s self-confidence, and interest in attending class. Nothing can really demotivates them as being ignored and not paid attention to in class (or outside of class), besides preventing them from participating in class!

4. Fail students; to teach them a lesson in manners:
I know this might seem gibberish dear, but it does work, trust me in this one!
As a matter of fact, failing students over personal issues really deteriorates the student’s appreciation of the teacher’s value and forms a negative view of the school they’re attending, it could even go as far as even hating the whole educational system! Believe that!

5. Who is better?
Yeah, this one is a straight forward one, compare the studets; harshly and unevenly, and ther are rendered demotivated, and psychologically unstable. Make the excellent students feel over themselves on the expense of the other “less performing” students. And the result is a bunch of students pushed into the realms of stupidness, humilation, and disgust. Isn’t that fun?!

6. Break your image onto their heads!
Don’t tell them that you’re a bad teacher. Don’t preach over doing bad and grotesque things to make them hate you and lose interest in you. Just do it! So they say: “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”, don’t they?
So, if you’re a non-smoker (for instance), then please smoke uncontrollably and lose your health. Drink alchohol and come actually drunck to school (and make a fool out of yourself) so that they don’t doubt it! You may also try to “contradict” yourself in everything; advice on befriending good-mannered people, then go out of class and form a durg-addict gang near your house. Just be inconsiderate, unreliable, two-faced, and untrustworthy, as you can, and they will get it in a blink of an eye. Don’t worry; they WILL get it and feel disgusted to their little bones!

7. Bring all your personal issues to the class.
Yes, bore the students, to death, with all your intimidating personal issues to class everyday. This would automaticlally create that atmosphere of hatred and carelessness. To make it even more effective, involve the students in your problems, and pour all your anger into them. Surely, you will be surprised with the certain reaction you get by doing this in a timely manner!

I hope that I haven’t missed any valuable technique that aid in the evil cause of wavering students away from schools. And will be happy to know of any feedback on any of the techniques that you may try..

Worst Regards,
A teacher who hates the world, and teaching!


2 thoughts on “To Mr. Worthless, Lousy Teacher

  1. I know that feel bro. I always hated how teachers thought it was OK to do things that well…if they were a stranger they’d get the crap kicked out of them for, but since they’re a teacher is alright.

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