The “Candle Lighting Ceremony” aura

Flags of different color combinations, signifying the multi-country culture of the university, are brought about to the “Rothman Center” hall, with some harmonious bagpipe music along the way. Then the university’s board members walk up ahead to the platform.. The mission is to spark the first light in the lives of the new citizens of the University–the new students. These are the typical campus-traditions that have been done for many years at FDU. This is the “Candle lighting” ceremony. It aims at welcoming the new students–locally and internationally–to FDU, and to encourage them to succeed and to make the best out of what they have on campus.

Joseph Kiernan, (Provost at FDU’s Metropolitan campus) in particular, carried on a speech that was interesting in many ways. It wasn’t only informative, expressive, or logical, but rather inspiring and essentially significant and evocative indeed. I believe that he provided the students with a quick taste of the huge professional and life wisdom that th young generation is in a desperate need for.

He emphasized the amount of change that had happened; technologically speaking, and how sometimes we’re missing a lot of the easiness, and facilitation technology offers us. The school is offering a lot of facilities for students to use; especially in online learning and library facilities that are really built to save time and to make the studen’s academic life much more efficient and effective.

You have to do your part“, emphasizes the provost. And that is a real key factor that would render the whole educational circle complete. The students are the key factor in utilizing what is being offered for them. And the educational process can only be efficient when students know how to utilize it well.

Having said that, let’s not forget a piece of advice said by Dan Palmer (Studet Government Association leader): “If we don’t have it, make it yourself“–I have to give him credit for such an inspiring piece as well. Part of what some students complain about–lazily–is that facilities are scarce and the college is poor in facilities. They most probably forgot the part about students’ ability to adapt and innovate. Innovation is a key factor here. If students aren’t able to think critically and innovate, then they missed a lot during college–the provost emphasizes on this as well.

Part of the message that was conveyed on this day is that: Hey students! You are at the center here, with all the facilities pivoting around you and at your disposal at all times. Use them, and challenge your thought, to innovate.. And ultimately; to succeed.


2 thoughts on “The “Candle Lighting Ceremony” aura

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, brother. Your experience in there would indeed sharpen your knowledge and skills and we would be very happy to share this pleasant experience with you.

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