I.T. movie and “IT support concerns”

I’ve recently watched a very intriguing movie calledi-t movie 2016 posterI.T.“.

The movie revolves around the IT technician (Ed Porter), who works part-time at a renounced company, and the the CEO of the company (Mike Regan). The movie brings into surface a number of concerns in the field of IT and IT support:

  • How private we are in the digital space:

I think here in the movie, ED, the IT guy, considered the invitation of the CEO to fix a technical issue at home as being an invitation for a friendship is very interesting. I don’t think it was wrong. But Ed had many psychological issues to start with. Also, I don’t think it’s a good idea to give somebody your WiFi pass-code and not changing it later after a”stranger technician” finishes the job. It’s actually a good practice to routinely change your home/apartment WiFi password (more than you change your email and social media accounts).

  • IoT security and venerability 

This movie interestingly came at a time where we witnessed the biggest DDoS attacks so far in the history of internet. one of the main factors that this attack was far more efficient and lead to the denial of service for many famous websites across the world, is that the hackers used Internet of things (IoT) devices to request for access to these sites. This meant that far more devices can send requests and efficiently overload servers and domains which lead to blockage of access from users. This is likely to happen again and it shows how venerable we are if we don’t have enough awareness and cyber-security measures to protect these devices from being hacked.

  • The curiosity of IT technicians

I’m not sure we can generalize this point, or whether it’s a bad thing. However, technicians do a lot of problem-solving and they might need to ask all sorts of questions about how you are using your devices, how you connect to the internet and many other troubleshooting questions. it was also clear in the movie, when Mike decided to go for a counter attack from a secret intelligence (Andy), that it was absolutely necessary that they answer all his questions and “extreme measures” requests–among which was to stop all of their communications online and to log out from all of their devices and many other requests so that he ensures he pinpoints how the attacker gets to them online.

Very interesting movie indeed and highly recommend it to everyone.


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