My most powerful learning environment #liismooc

As I was growing up, I had developed a critical eye on what works in an educational setting. My particular observations regarding a powerful learning environment started with when I was a young boy at grade 4. It was when my science teacher asked for a volunteer to bring a “rotten toast” to the school laboratory to demonstrate to the rest of the students in the science class the components of rotten food and the kinds of fungus that grow in it. What I did is I suddenly started linking real life with classroom’s mostly theoretical knowledge. Continue reading

Back to blogging

It’s been a long time since I blogged last. I think it was just being lazy really. Throughout that 3-year period, I did blog though, tremendously, just not on this site, but rather on social-media platforms (namely facebook, twitter (which you would find on my main page as an extension) and others). I think they are very attractive to us; and we are programmed to respond to them as well–we, after all do want to be noticed by “more” people.. to expose our thoughts to a wider and more spontaneous crowed of people.

Anyways, I will be posting more often, and more casually, now and then about my ideas, responses, regarding eduation and technology, more causally until I have time to post “more formally” I guess.


الإنسانُ عاطفيٌّ بِطبعِه!

صورة شخص في حالة استرخاء عاطفي

للعاطفة عمقها الأصيل في شخصية الإنسان


خَلقَ اللّه سبحانه وتعالى هذا الإنسانَ العظيم بتركيبه، المعجز بتنظيمه، والعجيب بسلوكياته، كي نتأمّل فيه ونستنتج منه ما ينفعنا ويذكرنا بواجبنا تجاه خالقنا البديع. وعندما أقول أن الإنسانَ عاطفيّ بطبعه–هذا لا يعني بأي حال من الأحوال أنه مصدر ضعفه؛ أو قوّته.. بل يحتمل الإثنان! كيف ذلك؟ لنستكشف معاً..

أنا–من خلال تأملاتي في الناس وسلوكياتهم–أجد شيئا مثيرا للإهتمام.. هذا الشيء هو أنّ أكثر ما يُغيّر من سلوكيات الانسان هو عاطفتُه–سواءاً كان هذا المؤثر يجذبه أو ينفّره. Continue reading

The “Candle Lighting Ceremony” aura

Flags of different color combinations, signifying the multi-country culture of the university, are brought about to the “Rothman Center” hall, with some harmonious bagpipe music along the way. Then the university’s board members walk up ahead to the platform.. The mission is to spark the first light in the lives of the new citizens of the University–the new students. Continue reading

That amazing moment!

At a certain time in this short life, one gets to experience different incidents, opportunities, chances, or even accidents. Acquiring the chance to meet a lot of different nationalities in a very short time (a matter of around 2 weeks) that I don’t recall I have experienced such a number of different faces through my entire life at large. Proudly, That was made possible by being admitted to the Fulbright program and the auspicious Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, USA. Continue reading

“إبحثوا “عنهم” في “تويتر

تابعت بفضول التعريف الرمزي (Hashtag)، الذي كان بعنوان #البحث_عن_عماني_بتويتر البحث عن “عماني” في الموقع الاجتماعي “Twitter“. لا أريد تكرار الذي كُتِب ضمن هذا التعريف الرمزي (فليس هذا محطّ اهتمامي هنا) ولكن أردت بحث حيثيات هذه المسألة وأبعادها المختلفه. تساؤل خطر ببالي: ولمَ يجب أن نكون في تويتر! Continue reading