Should you restart your computer now?

There are times when you need to shutdown/restart the computer. There is no escape from shutting down the computer and starting fresh; and this could be more frequent than people would think. Though there could be some potential problems with repeatedly restarting your computer, below are some of the signs that signal a need to restart your dear computer and save sometime of your day–and saves you sometime of aimlessly looking into the computer configurations:

  • When the network adapter (wired or WiFi) starts acting funny (i.e you can’t seem to be able to connect to any available network near you)
  • When the screen halts for more than 2 minute.
  • The application you just installed doesn’t function as it should
  • The mouse pointer doesn’t seem to be found and/or it no longer moves

If you want to restart your computer yet it won’t restart because it’s stuck, then press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds and this will force a shutdown (it’s called: Hard reset). Wait 5 more seconds and press the power button again.


هل أشتري كمبيوتر بشاشة لمس أم بدون لمس؟

touchscreen-laptop-300x292أعتقد أن من الأمور المحيّرة “والحديثة” عند الذين ينوون شراء كمبيوتر (حاسب آلي) محمول هو: هل عليّ أن أشتري واحداً بشاشة لمس؟ أم اكتفي بكمبيوتر عادي بدون شاشة لمس؟

في الحقيقة لا يوجد جواب مُعلَّب لهذا السؤال، ولكن ما يمكنني قوله هو انه بجانب ان المشتري يجب ان يفهم احتياجاته من السعة والمعالج وروتين الاستعمال و”اللون” (أكيد هذا من الأشياء المهمة لدى الكثيرين ومن ضمنهم أنا)، يمكن القول أن شاشة اللمس هي المستقبل، ولن تحتاج للتفكير كثيرا في هذه الخاصية لانها ستكون موجودة في الغالبية الساحقة للحاسبات الآلية. وذلك–في اعتقادي–للاسباب التالية: Continue reading

Mobile Phones: Are They Making our Lives Easier

Recently I had the pleasure to present a workshop on “Mobile Phones: Are They Making our Lives Easier” at Modern College of Business and Science in Muscat on August 5th, 2012.

Here is an overview of the topic approached along with resources for expanded knowledge on the points discussed: Continue reading

URL shorteners and their usage in education


A few years back, website shorteners were almost non-existant in the web, now they are becoming a current trend every where you go in the web. These shorteners do the simple job of making those long addresses shorter by redirecting the link through their own domains. There are many ways these shorteners are usefu in. The most common place is twitter! ( This has enabled the luxury of sending content in less characters and much more content, thus made sharing websites even easier to follow and faster to find. There are also some benefits to these shortening engines for use in the educational field as well; and these might possibly be:

Continue reading

Educational trends applaused in 2011–the uncollege movement

It’s interesting to see how some entrepreneurs started to applause for the notion that you don’t need to get to college in order to succeed in life. They state that: “it’s not the only way to succeed”! Well, this is somehow correct; especially when we understand the connotations that go along with true entrepreneurship (that is necessity, potential, motivation and consistency ). Continue reading

What an endeavor!

One of the interesting speeches, I came a cross, at the WEB2.0 summit held for the 8th time in San Francisco, is the attendance of San Francisco’s mayor, Edwin Lee. what is so unique about his speech is his commitment to his county, first of all, and the advocacy to use this occasion to actually challenge the summit’s community. Continue reading