You need to learn to laugh at yourself!

As an educator and learner, it’s very important to “know” how to laugh at yourself.

Now what do I mean by that?

Simply, as human beings, there are many things that we just don’t understand/know. Nobody knows everything. But, true, there are people who know quite a lot of things. But that did not come out of thin air; they were not born this way. They all went through the tedious burden of “learning” how things work. In the process, there were moments when they felt helpless and did not think they would learn what they wanted to learn, but after a while, they realized that what they were frustrated with was a simple part that they needed a little help with, or they just missed a simple thing along the way! and that’s when they “laugh” at themselves!

To conclude, as educators, we need to constantly improve ourselves and , in the process, learn how to laugh at ourselves. Students, also, are in need of such an attitude in and outside of the class. So, come on everybody;, start learning and “laughing at yourselves”! 🙂


To practice or not to practice..

It has long been said that “practice makes perfect”. I don’t necessarily want to break that saying or disqualify it entirely. Nor do I want to propose a “rocket-science” method that would replace the vitality of practice. Rather, there is more to practice than meets the naked eye!

When talking about language acquisition, I can’t emphasize enough that no body would be able to achieve a decent level of fluency and efficiency without really indulging in getting his hands dirty (if that is an appropriate expression), and actually speak it or write it. However, I think that it doesn’t really matter how much you practice the target language if you aren’t consciously aware of the mistakes you make and/or how to correct your utterances! Continue reading

The “Candle Lighting Ceremony” aura

Flags of different color combinations, signifying the multi-country culture of the university, are brought about to the “Rothman Center” hall, with some harmonious bagpipe music along the way. Then the university’s board members walk up ahead to the platform.. The mission is to spark the first light in the lives of the new citizens of the University–the new students. Continue reading

Mobile Phones: Are They Making our Lives Easier

Recently I had the pleasure to present a workshop on “Mobile Phones: Are They Making our Lives Easier” at Modern College of Business and Science in Muscat on August 5th, 2012.

Here is an overview of the topic approached along with resources for expanded knowledge on the points discussed: Continue reading

To Mr. Worthless, Lousy Teacher

Date: D+/D-/FF
Address: School Haters street, XX
To: Mr. Lousy, Lousy Teacher

Subject: 7 deadly techniques to make students hate schools and learning

Dear Lousy Teacher,
A lot of parents, as well as schools, really complain about their children, or students, increasingly lacking interest in attending schools and classes for that matter. Surprising enough, if you’re also on the go to achieve similar mischievous goals, such as making the students’ life really “unbearable” at schools and classes. Then these steps will suit you best!
Here is what you can do (and believe me, they work) to make that dream come true.

Continue reading

URL shorteners and their usage in education


A few years back, website shorteners were almost non-existant in the web, now they are becoming a current trend every where you go in the web. These shorteners do the simple job of making those long addresses shorter by redirecting the link through their own domains. There are many ways these shorteners are usefu in. The most common place is twitter! ( This has enabled the luxury of sending content in less characters and much more content, thus made sharing websites even easier to follow and faster to find. There are also some benefits to these shortening engines for use in the educational field as well; and these might possibly be:

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Learning how to be choosy in choosing!

I came a cross this very interesting video, at TEDtalks earlier, This fantastic speaker, Sheena Iyengar, speaks about something we all seem to struggle with!

It’s the intricate problem of “choosing”; and how to NOT lose your mind doing so!!

I believe this is a very important skill in today’s world. We utterly have an increase in the variety of choices we have in everyday life; we’re talking about food, furniture, home-appliances, cars, spouses :-p, or even the simple choice of picking up a bottle of water from the grocery store!

Talking about the subject of education and teaching; I also struggle sometimes; which technique to apply, which method will do for my class, or even which exercise to take to class can be troublesome very often.

Enjoy watching!

P. S. Comments are welcomed 🙂