Learning how to be choosy in choosing!

I came a cross this very interesting video, at TEDtalks earlier, This fantastic speaker, Sheena Iyengar, speaks about something we all seem to struggle with!

It’s the intricate problem of “choosing”; and how to NOT lose your mind doing so!!

I believe this is a very important skill in today’s world. We utterly have an increase in the variety of choices we have in everyday life; we’re talking about food, furniture, home-appliances, cars, spouses :-p, or even the simple choice of picking up a bottle of water from the grocery store!

Talking about the subject of education and teaching; I also struggle sometimes; which technique to apply, which method will do for my class, or even which exercise to take to class can be troublesome very often.

Enjoy watching!

P. S. Comments are welcomed 🙂