That amazing moment!

At a certain time in this short life, one gets to experience different incidents, opportunities, chances, or even accidents. Acquiring the chance to meet a lot of different nationalities in a very short time (a matter of around 2 weeks) that I don’t recall I have experienced such a number of different faces through my entire life at large. Proudly, That was made possible by being admitted to the Fulbright program and the auspicious Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, USA. Continue reading

Car accidents and human emotions

It always gets into me to see the increasing number of accidents in this country (and through out the world, in fact) and it’s really sad to know of the frightening number of deaths that accompany that.
Nevertheless, While I was driving my own daily commuting from work, I began to think over the relationship between car accidents and the emotional interactions of people.. And I don’t mean the emotions that they go through while driving; but the similarity of emotional interactions to car accidents..
These two worlds are, by nature, far apart, but there are some similarities in the nature of interaction within each one.. Continue reading

Student Technology Leaders project

I was honored to attend a workshop organized by Generation YES project and LabTech. This workshop entitled “GenYES Workshop—21st Century Learning Skills for Teachers & Students” was held for a day at City Seasons Hotel Muscat.

What was special about this workshop is that it included a practical proposal on empowering kids (with the help of ICT tools) at schools by encouraging them to innovate in different fields and to relate to what they learn through real life experiences and perceptions. Dr. Dennis Harper (the Founder and CEO of the not-for-profit Generation YES organization (GenYES) and the inventor of the Student Technology Leaders movement , AND an intimate friend of Steve Jobs) was keen to explain the adaptability of his project as he customized it to work in many countries. Continue reading