To practice or not to practice..

It has long been said that “practice makes perfect”. I don’t necessarily want to break that saying or disqualify it entirely. Nor do I want to propose a “rocket-science” method that would replace the vitality of practice. Rather, there is more to practice than meets the naked eye!

When talking about language acquisition, I can’t emphasize enough that no body would be able to achieve a decent level of fluency and efficiency without really indulging in getting his hands dirty (if that is an appropriate expression), and actually speak it or write it. However, I think that it doesn’t really matter how much you practice the target language if you aren’t consciously aware of the mistakes you make and/or how to correct your utterances! Continue reading

To Mr. Worthless, Lousy Teacher

Date: D+/D-/FF
Address: School Haters street, XX
To: Mr. Lousy, Lousy Teacher

Subject: 7 deadly techniques to make students hate schools and learning

Dear Lousy Teacher,
A lot of parents, as well as schools, really complain about their children, or students, increasingly lacking interest in attending schools and classes for that matter. Surprising enough, if you’re also on the go to achieve similar mischievous goals, such as making the students’ life really “unbearable” at schools and classes. Then these steps will suit you best!
Here is what you can do (and believe me, they work) to make that dream come true.

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