Mobile Phones: Are They Making our Lives Easier

Recently I had the pleasure to present a workshop on “Mobile Phones: Are They Making our Lives Easier” at Modern College of Business and Science in Muscat on August 5th, 2012.

Here is an overview of the topic approached along with resources for expanded knowledge on the points discussed: Continue reading


URL shorteners and their usage in education


A few years back, website shorteners were almost non-existant in the web, now they are becoming a current trend every where you go in the web. These shorteners do the simple job of making those long addresses shorter by redirecting the link through their own domains. There are many ways these shorteners are usefu in. The most common place is twitter! ( This has enabled the luxury of sending content in less characters and much more content, thus made sharing websites even easier to follow and faster to find. There are also some benefits to these shortening engines for use in the educational field as well; and these might possibly be:

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This Year’s 10 Best TED Talks To Share With Students | Edudemic

TED talks is one of the leading web-communities that deal with spreading ideas that show vivid experience, and are thought-provoking notions. The intersting thing is that you can use this website to foster discussion of ideas and to share thoughts over a topic; especially in the classroom. the following website from Edudemic blog has one of the examples of some of the best TED talks for the year 2011. Test it with your students; they are really intersting!

I especially like the talk about “the demise of guys”, don’t miss this one!

This Year’s 10 Best TED Talks To Share With Students | Edudemic.

Educational trends applaused in 2011–the uncollege movement

It’s interesting to see how some entrepreneurs started to applause for the notion that you don’t need to get to college in order to succeed in life. They state that: “it’s not the only way to succeed”! Well, this is somehow correct; especially when we understand the connotations that go along with true entrepreneurship (that is necessity, potential, motivation and consistency ). Continue reading

What an endeavor!

One of the interesting speeches, I came a cross, at the WEB2.0 summit held for the 8th time in San Francisco, is the attendance of San Francisco’s mayor, Edwin Lee. what is so unique about his speech is his commitment to his county, first of all, and the advocacy to use this occasion to actually challenge the summit’s community. Continue reading

Student Technology Leaders project

I was honored to attend a workshop organized by Generation YES project and LabTech. This workshop entitled “GenYES Workshop—21st Century Learning Skills for Teachers & Students” was held for a day at City Seasons Hotel Muscat.

What was special about this workshop is that it included a practical proposal on empowering kids (with the help of ICT tools) at schools by encouraging them to innovate in different fields and to relate to what they learn through real life experiences and perceptions. Dr. Dennis Harper (the Founder and CEO of the not-for-profit Generation YES organization (GenYES) and the inventor of the Student Technology Leaders movement , AND an intimate friend of Steve Jobs) was keen to explain the adaptability of his project as he customized it to work in many countries. Continue reading

Should I use pens or pencils?

Oh dear pencils!

Although this blog aims at focusing on educational technology and its uses in language learning, I still can’t help but to linger a bit on the fact that we still can’t give up the use of pens and pencils in our classrooms and meetings; even when correcting and grading students’ work.

A question that I had off the top of my head these couple of days was; are my students better off using pens or pencils, is there even a difference?! Continue reading